ABBAEP01 - Simone Vitale - Dance at the Edge of Time (432 Hz) 2016

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Simone Vitale - Dance at the Edge of Time (ABBAEP01) 2016 - Front Cover

Simone Vitale - Dance at the Edge of Time (ABBAEP01) 2016 - Back Cover

Artist: Simone Vitale (The Sound of Golden Light)
Title: Dance at the Edge of Time (432 Hz)
Label: BoA Beats ReChords
Genre: Ambient, Electroacoustic, Electronic, Trance
Date: March 31, 2016
Format: FLAC, MP3, WAV
Length: 9:26

BoA Beats ReChords is proud to present its first release, in collaboration with Simone Vitale (The Sound of Golden Light), titled "Dance at the Edge of Time".

This evocative instrumental piece was firstly conceived in 2011 during the recording sessions of the album "Wave after Wave".

It was supposed to be a cover song, but as the album turned out to be instrumental, it decided not to include this one.

An instrumental theme with acoustic guitar, Moog and other instruments were then added. It ended up becoming this fascinating blend of acoustic and electronic trance.


01-Simone Vitale - Dance at the Edge of Time - (4:29) @ 432 Hz
02-Simone Vitale - Beat of Alliance (4:57) @ 432 Hz

All tracks written, produced and mastered by: Simone Vitale, Italy.

Artwork Cover by: Simone Vitale, Italy.
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More from Ætherna BoA Beats ReChords to be released soon, stay tuned to 432 Hz!


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